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Development course

  • In 2015

    the laboratory for development and application of silane derivations was in co-construction by Hubei Bluesky New Material Inc. and Hubei University,which locates at the material colleage of Hubei University.

    Hubei Bluesky was selected as High Quality Supplier for Dow Corning,one of World Top 500 Companies.And entittled again as The Highest Quality Supplier for HuiTian New Material Inc.

  • In 2014
    Bluesky trademark was awarded as famous brand in Hubei. Hubei Bluesky New Material Inc. was nominated as a board member in China Fluorosilicone Association.Obtained more than 20 patents as of December 2014.
  • In 2013

    the consecutive production line for LT-550 started to output, with a replacement for the domestic ammoniation process in one-pot.Entitled with National Credible Enterprise, Top 10 Innovative Enterprises in Hubei Private Economy, Top 10 Outstanding Innovative Enterprises in Hubei Private Economy.

  • In 2012
    the annual output for coupling linker silanes over 10,000 mts which as a milestone. The company was entittled as National High-Tech Enterprise, Enterprise Technology Center of Hubei Province, honorary title as Provincial Model of Workers' Home.
  • In 2011
    300,000 square meters new factory built in Chemical Industrial Park, Economic Development Zone, Xiantao City and start production.Meanwhile, the company was nominated as one of the management members of China Fluorsilicone Association.
  • In 2010
    a series of coupling linker silanes started to output consequently such as LT-560, LT-151, LT-550, LT-570. LT-602, LT-792 and etc.
  • In 2009
    the consecutive production lines for TMS, with annual capability of 5000 mts, started to work after the trial.
  • IN 2007
    Between 2007 and 2008, the company increased the technical inputs under the guide of energy efficiency, laying a fundation for a large scale production.
  • In 2006
    MOS facility expansion again, under secutive in production processes and DCS controlling in the whole producing phases,quality more stable and production more safe.
  • In 2005
    the first production line installed for MTMS, with two towers for Continuous alcoholysis, operated and started to function in the factory;The company got the title of "Hubei High-Tech Enterprise" and obtained import and export rights, which layed a solid foundation for the company to expand overseas markets.
  • IN 2001
    Between 2001 and 2004, the company set up three series of products, crosslinker silane, couplinglinker silane and catalyst as its strategy development; and with the enriching crosslinker products in three types of deacidification, ealcoholization, and deketoxime.
  • In 2000
    MOS and VOS production initiated, and the company passed ISO quality management system certification.
  • In 1999
    MTAS and MTMS production initiated.
  • IN2019

    In April 2019—— the production of MEKO Expansion Project started to output in BlueSky Plant.

    In September 2019—— The method of producing γ-(2,3-EPOXY PROPOXY) PROPYL TRI ETHOXY SILANE from γ-(2,3-EPOXY PROPOXY) PROPYL TRI METHOXY SILANE  based on transesterification  became a mature process.

    In April 2019——BlueSky Industry filmed by CCTV Industrial Spirit and broadcasted by CCTV.

    In 2019—— Established Xiangtao New Material Industry Researching center.(JuHui New Material Industry Technology Research Institute)

    In 2019—— Established Hubei ZhongYu New Material limited company.

    In July 2019—— the Transesterification production of Vinyl tris(methoxy-methoxyethoxy)silane started to output in BlueOcean Plant.

  • IN2018

    In June 2018—— the production of N-β-Amino Ethyl- γ - Amino Propyl Methyl Dimethoxy Silane started to output in BlueOcean Plant.

    In 2018——Chairman Mr. Caihu Feng was re-elected as the provincial people's Congress representative. 

    In April 2018——The 7th "New Blue Sky Cup" Seminar of Organic Silane and Siloxane oligomer Technology Information was successfully held in Wuhan. 

    In June 2018—— the Production of Tri methyl hydro silane started to output in BlueSky Plant.

    May 30th, 2018—— On the Anniversary Award conference of 30th China AFSI, BlueSky gained the honorary of "Leading Enterprise of Organic Silane" and "Outstanding Achievement Award of Organic Silane".

    In June 2018—— National standard GB/T 35501-2017 of Industry use Methyl Tri Methoxy Silane officially released, which drafted by BlueSky. 

    In 2018——the production of γ-(2,3-Epoxy Propoxy) Propyl Tri Methoxy Silane Oligomer started to output in BlueOcean Plant.