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Chairman speech

Hubei new blue sky and new materials Limited by Share Ltd chairman:

The new blue sky is a brand as well as a dream.

The new blue sky was founded in 1999, after nearly twenty years of wind and rain, all the new blue sky people never forget the beginning of the heart, remember the mission, the same heart, unremitting struggle, realized the new blue sky from the workshop type of small enterprises to become widely acclaimed famous enterprises in the industry, we also played an active role in promoting industry upgrading. Use. In the face of competitive market competition, we always adhere to the business path, adhere to the win-win cooperation, and establish a good, lasting and deep cooperation with the business partners, making us all benefit from each other, which are also one of the important factors for the success of the new blue sky. In retrospect, we are full of gratitude, the progress and success of the new blue sky can not be separated from the efforts of all the staff and the support of all business partners, and the increasingly open and inclusive business environment, which is the new blue sky of today!

Looking forward to the future, the ambition is full of ambition. The global economy has entered a new period of development. The opportunities and challenges faced by the enterprises coexist. The new blue sky people will keep in mind the mission of "creating new materials, improving the quality of life, revitalizing the national industry" and the vision of "leading the new materials of the world and achieving a new blue sky for a hundred years". The guiding ideology of "quality development" is devoted to the ultimate goal of "creating a world class silane whole industry chain research and development base", and continues to develop the spirit of hard struggle, innovation, pursuit of excellence, the principle of customer centered management and the win-win business principle, and the unique advantage of the new blue sky. Constantly optimize the industrial structure and management mode, effectively integrate internal and external resources, and achieve the healthy and sustainable development of enterprises. At the same time, we will always take on the high sense of responsibility to all the stakeholders, such as the country, the society and the environment, and practice the concept of green development, harmonious development and sustainable development by practical action, and make due contribution to the realization of the great "Chinese dream"!