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Talent recruitment

Requirements for job hunting
Candidates must truthfully fill out the "candidates registration form", and stick on electrical lighting, together with the Ministry of human resources and personal curriculum vitae email to lake north sky new materials Co., Ltd.. Recruitment received a resume dedicated mailbox Hbxlt@163.com, please send your application materials made into a word document, A4 paper, not more than 2 pages, to write out your most worthy of the flash point (such as expertise, research direction, personal interests). When you come from the Internet, send your application materials as an attachment, the subject of email: Name + professional + education.

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a, entertainment and leisure

1, a month to hold a fun event;

2, modern entertainment room, reading room, activity center, light basketball court, KTV free opening;

3, a movie theater, a week, the latest movie;

two, meal

Free supply of (three dishes and one soup standard, meat and vegetables, three meals a day), Mid Autumn Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, 51, 11 plus meals;, < p > meal

three, dormitory

< p > four a standard Hostel (with separate toilet and balcony), dormitory is equipped with washing machine, separate shower, public baths, 24 hours hot water supply, free wifi.

four, shopping

factory has a convenience store, not the factory door to buy the required items.

five, psychological counseling

free psychological counseling psychologist.

six, domestic tourism

senior staff can enjoy the company's domestic tourism activities, and can bring a family member, the cost of activities by the company to pay.

seven, education and working age allowance

200 yuan / month, 300 yuan / month, 400 yuan / month, 100 yuan / year, yuan / year, an annual increase of 100 yuan.


1, three shifts working, each class eight hours, overtime pay extra.

2, to provide the system of professional knowledge training, to protect the future of the staff of sustainable development.

3, after passing the unified training period according to the national standard pay five insurance, to provide comprehensive protection of the future.

4, an open and fair internal promotion mechanism, all management technology post priority internal promotion.

5, shuttle employees to work (and urban).

6, field personnel probation period after the issuance of 200 yuan angufei.