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We attach the quality management as the emphasis of the company management,put customer satisification as company operation purpose,ensure quality of each batch products to meet customers' requirements.

We improve products quality by increasing the skill trains of workers, elevating the test technology and completing the test parameters to keep making improvements of every process in quality control. And the factory has passed the quality management certification of ISO9001:2000.

Each batch of products which we sent are accompanied by a detailed inspection, which include: batch number, product characteristics, production date, the requirements of parameters, the actual analytical data and other detailed data.

Under the quality control system, we guarantee the quality of every batch products by the examination steps as below:
-Intermediate Quality Test
-Products Quality Test
-Products Analysis Certificate
-Storage at least one year for samples taken from every batch

We take the following technology in products quality control.

-Chromatography technique(gas chromatography)
-Mass-spectrometry technique(LC-MS)
-Spectrum technique(ultra-violet and infared), atomic absorption
-Physical parameters determination
-Content analysis
-Titration(acidic titration; alkaline titration; coordination titration; non-aqueous titration; oxidation-reduction titration)
-Mixture with water test
-Distillation and ignition residue determination
-Non-volatiles determination
-Clarity grade test
-Chemical reactions test