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Purchase process


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购买流程 purchasing Procedures

 ◇  新建客户编号 —— 对于初次购买交联剂、偶联剂等产品的客户,请与各片区对应的业务经理联络,并通过Email、传真或电话或短信信息等方式确认您的姓名、单位、地址、电话、传真、Email等资讯以及需求信息,以便为您建立客户编号并保证服务质量。

Establish customer number - for the customer who buy our product at the first time, please contact the business manager of corresponding area. Sending the enquiry and basic information by Email,fax,telephone or SMS, also please help us to confirm your name, company, address, telephone, fax, Email and other related information, for the final purpose to serve you the best.

 ◇  订单确认及付款程序 —— 通过您与片区业务经理的有效沟通,双方就订货合同中的牌号、品名、规格和数量给予确定。对于款到发货的客户,请您按订货合同上的账户及时登记入账和物流部门的快速反应。对于已批准货到付款或月结客户则直接通知仓库和物流部门发货。

Order confirmation and payment procedures- Through effective communication with the area sales manager, both final-confirm related information (Goods,Item NO, Specification,Quantity) agreed on the contract. For customers with delivery upon receipt of payment, please make payment to the account which stated in the contract.Our logistics departments will respond quickly. For customers who have been approved for cash on delivery or monthly settlement please inform the warehouse and logistics sector for direct delivery.

 ◇  货到检查 —— 您收到我公司发出的产品后,一定要仔细清点货物的品种、数量、发票等,必要时在送货的回执单上签字。如有疑问则请及时与我公司的业务人员联络。

Inspect after arrival of Goods --- Upon receipt of products delivered from my company, please make sure to carefully check the goods of the type, quantity, invoice, etc. Sign on the delivery receipts if necessary.Please contact our sales manager in case there is any questions.