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Company news

2022 BLUESKY company-level comprehensive emergency plan drill achieved complete success!

In order to implement the basic policy of "safety first, prevention-oriented, comprehensive management" for production safety,and strengthen the company's emergency management of various emergencies,we established and improved an emergency rescue management system with unified command, complete functions, quick response and efficient operation .

On the morning of June 18, the company speciallycarried out an activity of "Emergency Rescue Drill for Hazardous Chemicals Liquid Ammonia Leakage Accidents",  simulated the occurrence of liquid ammonia leakage, immediately  started the on-site disposal plan, and jointly launched the company's emergency plan. The exercise has five agendas: accident early warning action, emergency response and handling, emergency rescue deployment, emergency termination, and exercise summary. With the close cooperation of all participating departments, the exercise was successfully concluded.

PresidentFeng Qionghua fully affirmed the results of this exercise and put forward higher requirements for the follow-up emergency management work. He emphasized that the current safety production situation is still severe and complicated, and emergency response is the last line of defense for safety management. We must fully realize the importance and necessity of strengthening emergency drills, maintain a "tight" state at all times, and plan ahead.

Feng Qionghua pointed out that safety is the greatest benefit. Each of us is the first responsible person for our position. Each of us must be familiar with the emergency response of the post. We must change from "passive inspection" to "active action", strengthenthe ability to respond to emergencies, enhance the coordination and cooperation ability of the emergency team, and fundamentally improve the emergency prevention awareness and emergency response capabilities of all employees.