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“Rehearsing with competition, building defense with training”—— Our company holds special emergency plan drills

In order to implement the "Safety Production Law", improve the company's safety management level, enhance the emergency disposal capabilities of cadres staffs andalways keep in mind our president's concept of safe development, on the morning of July 29th, our company organized an emergency drill of "rehearsing with competition, building defense with training". President Feng Qionghua and leaders of our company guided on-site and participated in the activity.

The drill wasdivided into in 9 groups, which verified the scientificity and practicability of emergency rescue plans for emergencies, exercised the accident handling capabilities of commanders and emergency rescue teams at all levels, and further improved employees' sense of responsibility and safety, this drill effect reached expectations.

At the end of thedrill, President Feng Qionghua made a concluding speech. He emphasized that the plan of this emergency drill is scientific and reasonable, the organization is standardized and orderly, the drill setting is resourceful and the organizational form is creative.This emergency drill isfully combines the operating characteristics of each department and each workshop. The plan and drill originated from the actual situation, which is higher than actual combat, and it is adequately demonstrated the safety literacy of employees in all departments who are ware of job risks and emergency response.

Through this opportunity of "Rehearsing with competition", I hope that all members will continue to discover and solve problems through competition or observation, continuously improve the team's emergency response capabilities, further strengthen the construction of our company's emergency rescue system and adhere to the concept of safety first. Always focus on emergency response and emergency rescue capacity building, effectively maintain the company's stable safety production situation, and constantly improve the level of safety management.