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On the morning of 29th July, 2022, a production safety meeting was held in the production area. All the participants solemnly swore that we would firmly adhere to the red line, bottom line and lifeline of production safety, with practical actions to interpret the responsibility and accountability, and strive to create a beautiful BlueSky of “internal excellence and external beauty”. 

At the end of the meeting,President Feng Qionghua delivered a speech. He stressed that we should not slacken or relax in the face of the great test of “internal and external troubles”. We need to undertake, need to fight, we need to take concrete actions to deliver tangible results for steady growth and promoting transformation. We must believe in Communist Party, obeying the command of the Party .We must maintain our determination and willpower that no accident will happen again. We must firmly build a BlueSky where the employees, the government and society can rest assured.   

The meeting requested four points.The first is the highly consistent with the board of directors.The management should be loyal, clean and responsible, and the loyalty should be placed first.We need to be strict with ourselves and lead more people to look up to the board.The second is to do a good job in safety,which is always the premise.We must always maintain the awe of “as if treading on thin ice and standing upon the edge of an abyss”, and truly put the safety first, keep in mind and grasp in hands to ensure the lasting peace and stability.The third is to make concerted efforts to ensure steady growth. Both people and things should be stable and steadily improved, and we should work together to improve the ability and level of the governance of BlueSky.The fourth is to be unwavering in specialization and mightiness,and firmly promote transformation. Switching to a new track, we take a road of specialized, refined and strong silane development, focusing on the new energy and electronic silane chemicals.