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Company news

“China Safety Production” praised the principal person of our company

June is the national“Safety Production Month”, nominated by Hubei Emergency Management department,“China Safety Production”, which is supervised by the Emergency department, made a special report to the principal of our company, Feng Qionghua, with the theme of“taking the lead in abiding by the law and being the first responsible person for production safety”, he told the story of his people-oriented, hands-on, strict management and innovation measures to grasp the work of production safety.    

The principal person of Hubei BlueSky--Feng Qionghua

Feng Qionghua believes that security is the premise, without safety, therewill benothing. All employees are required to understand thoroughly and implement the “Safety Production Law” in accordance with their own positions.They must be aware of the law and abide by the laws, be careful and sound the alarm bell.

Safety in production is as heavy as a mountain,Every BlueSky employees will always adhere to play the spirit of ownership and be the first responsible for safety production; Hubei BlueSky will strictly abide by the”Safety Production Law”, resolutely shoulder the main responsibility, and firmly hold the bottom line, red line and lifeline of safety production, In the future, we are full of confidence,unite and strive to create a beautiful BlueSky!