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Company news

Provincial PPCC investigated and surveyed our company’s scientific and technological innovation work

On September 16th, Guo Yuejin, Vice chairman of Provincial CPPCC, visited our company to conduct a special investigation on scientific and technological innovation.
Luo Lianfeng, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Hu Changwei, Member of the Municipal Standing Committee, Deputy Mayor, Wei Jiajun and Huang Wenbing, Vice-Chairmen of the Municipal PPCC, participated together.
    The principal person-Feng Qionghua made the introduction to BlueSky on the production, operation, scientific & technological innovation and development of the company. 

    Feng Qionghua introduced that BlueSky is a local private enterprise in Xiantao city, in the development of more than 20 years, we have adhered to the deep integration of scientific and technological innovation with enterprise development . Firmly grasps the important starting point of scientific and technological innovation, and focuses on improving the level of science and technology. Every expansion is intertwined and deeply accompanied with scientific and technological innovation.

    Guo Yuejin affirmed the achievements of our company in the field of new materials, and encouraged BlueSky adhering to the cooperation with scientific research institutes on  production, learning and research make good use of new technologies and develop new products. Give full play to the advantages of small giant enterprises, professional, refined, special and novel, create boutique brand, enhance market competitiveness, and promote the high-quality development of the industry.
    Feng Qionghua said that BlueSky would be built on the silicone industry in the future five years, , continue to introduce scientific and technological innovation talents, gather scientific and technological innovation forces, fully activate the transformation and upgrading of the innovation and creation ability of team members, and form a development pattern of "One Body Two Wings"
    Xiao Junping, vice president , and Feng Caihu, the director, accompanied in the  investigate and survey.